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Q. Who is my local SKOPE representative?

A. SKOPE covers all Australian States and NZ Nationally. Click here for the Australian Refrigeration Sales Team contacts or click here for the New Zealand Refrigeration Sales Team contacts.

Q. How do I clean cabinets?

A. Cleaning should be undertaken at least once a week. Before beginning the cleaning process you must ensure the power supply is turned off and the cabinet is completely empty. Soapy water should be used to clean the interior and exterior; however any soap residue must be washed away. A wax polish can then be applied to the exterior of the cabinet. An automobile polish can be used to do this. At no point should abrasive cleaners be used on any SKOPE cabinet. The door seal gaskets will also need to be wiped down with a damp cloth. This is a good time to check the gasket seal. If there are any problems call SKOPE to arrange a replacement. Once a month the condenser should be checked and cleaned if necessary. It is recommended that this is undertaken by an authorised SKOPE refrigeration mechanic.


Q. Are there any safety tips I should be aware of?

-  Always disconnect cabinets from the main power supply before attempting any servicing, maintenance or cleaning.
       -  Use only on the voltage specified on the rating plate or in the instructions
       -  Do not use an appliance for anything other than its intended use
       -  Do not overload the power supply (see the unit’s serial rating label)
       -  Ensure there is adequate ventilation of the refrigeration system
       -  Do not touch any moving parts
       -  Do not obstruct grilles or exhausts
       -  Do not probe any opening
       -  Replace the power supply cord if damaged
       -  Always contact a recommended SKOPE service agent if unsure.


Q. What is MEPS?

A. MEPS is an acronym for Minimum Energy Performance Standards. This is a mandated standard of minimum energy efficiency ratings. SKOPE models have been MEPS rated and results are summarised by visiting:

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Q. Are bench tops standard on your under counter refrigerators?

Typically no however the SKOPE Custom Team can work with you to provide a range of different bench top options to meet your needs. This can include:

-  Bench tops with gantries
-  Non standard bench top heights
-  Bench tops with overhang at the front, rear or sides
-  Splash back bench tops
-  Insulated night lids
-  Preparation cabinet bench tops to fit any amount of pots less than the numbers in the Cookbook.


Q. Are there any dimensional tolerances I need to be aware of?

Yes. When specifying chillers or using SKOPE cabinets in designs please allow the following dimensional tolerances.

Linear Dimensions; Less than or equal to 1 metre:
     -  General Cabinet Dimensions: +/- 5mm
     -  Length of multiple cabinets at each joint: +/- 5mm
     -  Length of multiple cabinets at each wall: +15mm

Linear Dimensions; Greater than 1 metre:
     -  General Cabinet Dimensions: +10mm-5mm
     -  Length of multiple cabinets at each joint: +10mm-5mm
     -  Length of multiple cabinets at each wall: +15mm


Q. What advice do you give for an initial set up and operation?

-  Read all documentation received with the cabinet before positioning it.
       -  Verify the operation of the compressor, evaporator and condenser fans
       -  Check the operation of lights and the SKOPE Cyclone™ refrigeration system.
       -  Check the Amp capacity of the power outlet before plugging it into a suitable power supply and turning it on.
       -  Ensure all air inlets and exhausts are clear
       -  Ensure there is sufficient air space around the contents of the cabinet and that stock does not overhang the edges of the shelves


Q. Is there anything I should be aware of regarding positioning the cabinet?

A. The cabinet should be positioned in such a way to minimise exposure to excessive temperatures (e.g. by avoiding areas that receive direct sunlight). Areas which have high levels of grease and fat content in the air should be avoided as the grease and fat can cause blockages of the condenser coil. However, there are alternative ways to combat this if changing the refrigerator location is not possible. It is most important that there is adequate ventilation around the cabinet to release heat build up. Individual cabinets will have specific guidelines associated with their positioning. Therefore, it is important to refer to the manual before installing your SKOPE refrigerator.


Q. Why would I use a remote over an integral?

A. Installing a SKOPE cabinet with a remote refrigeration system requires adding a condensing unit. SKOPE does not include a condensing unit with their remote models as its selection depends on varying factors.

Multiple cabinets can be run off a single large condensing unit. SKOPE recommends, however, that freezer units use a single condensing unit per cabinet.


Q. What are advantages of your patented Cyclone refrigeration unit?

A.   -  Premium self contained refrigeration unit
      -  Forced draft for rapid product chilling
      -  Easy to remove for maintenance and servicing
      -  Interchangeable on site eliminates costly downtime
      -  Heated condensate tray eliminates defrost water
      -  Easy to service
      -  High efficiency long life components
      -  Powerful and quite
      -  Proven and dependable

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Q. Can SKOPE cabinets be modified?

A. Yes. Any of the cabinets in the product range can be customised to suit your specifications. Our specialised SKOPE Custom Team is not afraid of challenges. Whatever your aspiration they will work with you to find a solution.


Q. Are there any products you cannot customise or alter to specific requirements?

A. Our Centaur, HB, Food Display, Glass Chiller, Open deck and Yarra Series are not customizable. This applies to Freezer cabinets as well.

Q. Can I get glass doors on a Pegasus cabinet?

A. Yes you can on Pegasus chiller cabinets. Prices are available on application.


Q. Can I change the door hinging on a cabinet?

A. Yes, the SKOPE Custom Team can work with you to build a cabinet that will suit your exacting specifications.

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Q. Who do I contact for service support?

A. For all details on your nearest service professional call SKOPE’s free phone number

AUSTRALIA: 1800 121 535
NEW ZEALAND: 0800 947 567

Q. How do you maintain and service the cabinets?

A. SKOPE recommends that all cabinets are checked and cleaned by a service professional to ensure you are getting the most from your cabinet. Routine maintenance will reduce the need for major service work on the SKOPE Cyclone™ refrigeration system. If required, the removable, externally fitted SKOPE Cyclone™ can be easily exchanged for repair at minimum cost and disruption to you.

Q. Do you carry spare parts for your cabinets?

A. Yes, because when you buy SKOPE you are investing in superior after care service. We assist you get the very best performance and longevity from your cabinet. Our trained technicians repair your cabinet using only genuine parts.

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Q. Where do I find the serial number on the cabinet?

A. The serial number and model type is commonly found on the inside at the top of your cabinet.

Q. What is the warranty process?

A. To report a problem with your cabinet, phone SKOPE (not your dealer) on:

AUSTRALIA 1800 121 235
NEW ZEALAND: 0800 947 5673

Or you can email:     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please ensure you have the serial number and model type from the inside top of your cabinet, the site address, contact name, phone number, purchase date and fault description available when you call our Customer Services team. 


Q. Can I extend my warranty?

A. Yes you can. For added peace of mind all cabinet warranties can be extended by 1 year at the time of purchase or cabinet registration Phone SKOPE on NZ 0800 947 5673, or AUS 1800 121 535

Q. What am I responsible for?

As the owner you are responsible for ensuring the following basic maintenance conditions are fulfilled:
       -  Maintain your product in accordance with the preventative maintenance schedule with routine maintenance and cleaning.
       -  All major maintenance work must be performed by an authorised SKOPE service provider.
       -  All safety information must be adhered to correctly.

Q. What does a SKOPE Warranty cover?

A. SKOPE Industries Limited warrants to the original purchaser of a SKOPE refrigeration cabinet installed in Australia or New Zealand from the date of purchase or 6 months from date of manufacture (whichever is earlier), any defect in workmanship or material (not covered in the exclusions) resulting in the product malfunctioning,  while under correct use, will be repaired or replaced. Liability under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing a part without charge.

The warranty does not extend:
1.  To products supplied under corporate accounts as determined from time to time by SKOPE.
2.  Beyond repairing the SKOPE cabinet when the condensing unit is remote from the cabinet.
3.  This warranty does not apply to IceCyclone™

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