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SKOPE are proud to be the sole Australian distributor of MISA; an Italian modular polyurethane cool room and freezer room system.

Designed specifically for cool or freezer rooms, production rooms, processing plant both commercial and industrial, MISA can be supplied to suit any modular size requirement.

Established in 1969, MISA’s history has been characterised by the constant search for new production technologies that have allowed the company to conquer the Italian market and most of the foreign market with a technologically advanced and reliable quality product. Recently MISA was acquired by the largest ‘turn-key’ refrigeration solutions group in Europe, the EPTA S.P.A. group. 

The specific design of MISA cool rooms will greatly benefit SKOPE customers. A key advantage of the MISA modular system is that it is applicable to many environments - cool rooms, freezer rooms, combination cool and freezer rooms, production rooms, both commercial and industrial processing plants, and has obvious synergies with IRINOX for roll in pass through cool room and freezer room solutions.

Multiple combination MISA rooms can be designed and installed, providing a simple, quick and flexible solution to suit any modular requirement. Other benefits include: a quick assembly or disassembly time with MISA patented ‘fast fit’ locking; optimum flexibility by adding or deleting panels over time; high storage capacity with low foot print solution; and optional windows, strip curtains, sliding doors, glass door inserts, swing and french doors available.


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MISA Brochure

Full MISA Brochure and options (supplied by MISA)


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