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ActiveCore Unit
As one of our most significant developments in over 25 years, the new ActiveCore technology took over 18 months and a design team of 35 to develop. It is the ultimate in innovation, and a major leap forward for our industry. By delivering market leading energy savings, optimal cooling performance, greater serviceability and a future-proofed system, our sophisticated ActiveCore technology will be meeting our clients' needs for years to come.  

The Benefits

  • Designed for long-life, reliability and performance.
  • The interchangeable ActiveCore unit is used across all 1 and 2 door models.
  • Redesigned airflow throughout the cabinet ensures optimal and efficient cooling of product.
  • Quick and easy servicing and maintenance, minimises downtime and disruptions.
  • New controller with manual lightswitch and built in Energy Management Device.
  • Designed to be future proof, ready when regulations change around refrigerants and natural gases are implemented.
  • Maximises energy efficiency for significant savings over the life of the cabinet.

The development of the ActiveCore Range has reinforced our reputation for proven quality, durability and reliability. With improved cooling performance, optimised airflow and redesigned components, the ActiveCore provides optimal performance and energy efficiency for years to come. Each and every component of the ActiveCore unit has been designed with efficiency in mind. It has reduced energy costs by 55% compared to our biggest selling TME model. The ActiveCore Range now with a quicker rate of return and considerable finanical savings over the life of the cabinet.

The SKT and SKB ActiveCore ranges offer a comprehensive range of options not available in the standard TME and BME ActiveCore models, for example; full colour range, solid or tropical (heated) doors to prevent condensation, shelf lighting, gravity matting, additional shelves, barrel door locks, remote refrigeration unit and more.

Please note that the SKT and SKB ranges and the 3 door fridges in the TME and BME ranges are only available in Australia and New Zealand.