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MISA Installation Checklist

The following checklist must be completed by the Installer after the room has been installed. A completed copy must stay on site and a copy sent to SKOPE for warranty registration - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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Site Details


The installation has been completed in accordance with:

the MISA installation manual.

the customer’s plans and specifications.

the terms of any local authority consents.

all relevant laws, regulations, building codes and standards.


Tick to indicate the following key installation details have been adhered to:

There is adequate ventilation and airflow around the refrigeration unit.

If adequate airflow is not available, a suitable heat extractor has been installed.

the room has been installed on a flat and level concrete surface as per the installation manual.

room inspection has been performed.

the supplied roof supports have been used to support the room roof.


Tick to indicate everything is operating correctly:

Airflow is unimpeded on the inside and outside of the room.

The refrigeration unit is operating correctly.

The door is sealing correctly (adjust door if neccessary).

Heater element/s are operating correctly (freezer rooms only).

Please record the following information and tick the boxes once installation has been completed and the room powered up for the first time. Note: Any issues or irregularities must be investigated and rectified to specifications. Ambient air on (air onto condenser) must not exceed 43°C.

The ambient air on temperature at condenser -


Unit current draw (Amps):

Power supply: