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Energy Efficiency 

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Raising standards in design and performance, while lowering environmental impact, are key to our future and are core design principles.

SKOPE's high expectations of quality and performance, and our long-standing presence in the industry, have resulted in design values and products that rise well above the minimum safety and performance standards.

All SKOPE glass door merchandisers undergo rigorous in-house testing before completing the mandatory Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) test, where the majority of our products exceed the requirments for a High Efficiency Rating, signifying the very best in engineered efficiency.

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MEPS establish standards for energy performance that products must meet or exceed before they can be sold to consumers in New Zealand and Australia. MEPS are regularly reviewed in consultation with industry to ensure they keep pace with advances in technology. Many of SKOPE’s refrigeration products qualify for the ‘High Energy Efficiency’ tick. For a complete list of SKOPE’s registered products, visit

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At SKOPE we pride ourselves on being energy experts. You can depend on us to plan for the furture.

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